Our thorough understanding of the agribusiness, extensive experience and continuous insight into fundamental market data, allow us to operate in the international market as if it were our backyard. Due to our associated network with co-brokers, we can serve on a large range of commodities geographically spread. On top of this, we are sworn brokers by law, which immediately makes that all our contracts have legalized status. 

Interpro’s added value

  • Direct personal contact
  • Extensive knowledge of markets, products and customers
  • Broad network of buyers and sellers spanning the technical, food and feed industries
  • Associated network with geographically spread co-brokers
  • Sworn brokers by law

Personal approach

Our key strength is our approach: we invest in getting to know our customers. As a result, we can provide full-service support and creative solutions irrespective of the problems you may face. Experiencing difficulties with goods or transportation? We are here to help! If necessary, we will travel abroad to solve the problem on the spot. 


Given our market expertise, we can make an important contribution to the development of your business. We offer reliable support by benchmarking your purchasing or selling channels, commodity flow sand goods procurement processes. While taking full account of specific business conditions, we help to identify problem areas and find suitable solutions. So, if you want to improve your business performance: choose Interpro.


Derk Cool


From his early youth, Derk was to find on farms and he still is. So, it was in the line of expectations that he decided to study agricultural science, focusing on compound feeds, milling technology, the international trade in grain and by-products, marketing, and procurement management.


He started his career with a family business, where he worked as an additives procurement officer and raw materials trader.

In search of a fresh challenge, Derk discovered that commodity brokerage suited his inquisitive and enterprising attitude to the ground. He joined Interpro in 1989 to create a partnership with Danny. Derk is socially involved, enjoys club life and is a proud member of Lion's International always ready to help. Derk enjoys the good things in life, ranging from art and cars to foreign countries and cultures. He and his family spend their vacations on one of the Greek islands. Derk has asharp eye for detail, is empathetic and never sidesteps a challenge. 


As far as Danny is concerned, there’s no better profession than commodity broking. No two days are the same; the unpredictability of the currency markets, weather conditions and even transportation processes present him with a constant challenge that suits his adventurous mindset.


Having toured different parts of the world, he changed from rebellious motorcyclist to dedicated family man.

In business, he is unrelentingly entrepreneurial and spirited, and pretty much welded to his telephone and computer. He is a trader in heart and soul and has enjoyed business success ever since he was a child. Danny joined Interpro in 1984 and acquired the company five years later. He is self-willed, purposive, interested in people and has the business instinct needed to make Interpro the company it is today: a specialist trading outfit that combines courage with a personal touch.


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